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Should You Outsource Your Portfolio Strategy?

Yes, according to a small but growing number of advisors using ETF managed portfolios. Asset allocation is widely considered the leading factor for portfolio design and management. A number of studies find that 90% or more of an investment strategy’s performance volatility is directly related to selecting asset classes and choosing weight— even if the game plan targets individual stocks and bonds. Why, then, are a rising number of financial advisors farming out this critical aspect of money management to fund companies and boutique shops?.

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The First Step to Fraud-Proof Your Portfolio

It’s been several years since investors lost billions in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. Despite historical increases in industry regulation and oversight, we continue to read and hear of new scams and lost fortunes, proving no government agency can foolproof your investments against fraud. Fortunately, there is one important thing all investors can do to minimize potential exposure and protect themselves: Separate who’s managing your money from the custodian holding your money.

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