Why Provident?

Our firm uses ETF's and stocks to bring to market model driven, quantitative, multi-directional strategies, formerly only available to institutions and accredited investors. These strategies are available in liquid and transparent separate managed accounts offering investors an attractive alternative to the traditional mutual and hedge funds.


What we believe? 

Superior full-market cycle returns are directly correlated to a reduction or elimination of large drawdowns in any given portfolio or investment strategy. To accomplish this an investment strategy must employ some form of risk management and should have the ability to capture positive returns in both rising and falling markets. Furthermore, it is important to have the ability to participate in all asset classes, all asset sizes and all asset styles across all markets to insure diversification that is truly non-correlated.


How do we do it?

We employ rigorous research and testing over multiple market cycles. Provident's diligent investment risk management analysis, statistical studies and modeling processes extend to all asset classes, strategies and portfolios.

Our disciplined investment and risk management approach drives our goal of empowering the individual investor.

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