PCM Philosophy

As a fiduciary, Provident Capital Management (PCM) believes that we serve our clients’ best interests by delivering superior full-market-cycle returns. We have developed proprietary strategies based on our belief that investments must:


  • Employ some form of risk management
  • Capture positive returns in both rising and falling markets
  • Participate in all asset classes, all asset sizes and all asset styles across all markets to ensure diversification
  • Reduce or eliminate large drawdowns.


PCM’s proprietary strategies offer investors an attractive alternative to traditional mutual and hedge funds.  How does this work for both private and institutional investors?


  • PCM’s model-driven, rules-based, multi-directional strategies are based on over 30 years of experience and research formerly available only to institutions and high-net-worth investors.
  • Our service is delivered via liquid and transparent separate managed accounts through major custodians such as TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab.


By contrast, Wall Street's preference for "benchmarking" equity managers to traditional equity indexes exposes institutional investors to excessive risk as measured by drawdowns (up to 30% to 50% over the past 20 years). Furthermore, recent high correlation across all asset classes, especially in times of financial distress, is minimizing benefits of traditional asset allocation. We measure our success by how effective we are at producing positive returns, from cycle low to cycle low, with as little volatility as possible, versus comparing our performance to an arbitrary index.

PCM offers solutions to losses that are a product of large drawdowns. And Provident’s strategies can be used in conjunction with traditional asset allocation approaches or used as a distinctive investment methodology.

PCM has delivered respectable performance for over 20 years, and even in today's low return environment. Let’s Get Specific.

Our performance matters most when it satisfies you. We want you to sleep well at night. We have partnered with Riskalyze® to provide you with your specific Risk Score. With that score, we can quantify your expectations to provide your own personal goal.

Schedule an in person or  Zoom meeting with CEO Michael Chapman, CFP®, call us at 317-705-1999.

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