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The senior management of PCM has well over 100 years of combined investment experience with a successful track record established during one of the most difficult periods in stock market history (2000-2010).

Michael Chapman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer

Michael Chapman CFP® is CEO and CIO at Provident Capital Management Inc. (PCM) where he leads the company and its total-return investment strategies. He is the author of Fundamental Laws of Successful Investing, Moneytools and is contributing author of Ways & Means: Maximize the Value of Your Retirement Savings. Michael began his career as a Grain Merchant & Hedger at Bunge, a leader in agribusiness products. He spent much of his financial services career as Vice President Investment at A.G. Edwards and Sons and served NatCity Investments as Director of Wealth Management before founding Provident Capital Management in 2000. He has a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University and is a member of the Financial Planning Association. Michael's extensive knowledge of investments and retirement, developed throughout his 34-year career and his commitment to being the best advisor possible, are what drive him to provide the best in absolute-return investments for all of PCM's clients.

Drew B. Wieder, Chief Operations Officer & Chief Compliance Officer

Drew Wieder is the COO & CCO at Provident Capital Management, Inc. (PCM). His leadership responsibilities include compliance, operations and practice management strategies for both PCM's employees and institutional clients. Drew has extensive experience in the financial services industry which includes; leading sales, service, operations and compliance teams for retail, custodial and RIA service providers. Drew's comprehensive background with various custodians and platforms will further position PCM to exceed client expectations, while scaling growth in the institutional space as a trusted partner to those clients. His 25-year career of service and leadership in the industry has included positions as an individual contributor at Merrill Lynch, and officer level positions of national scope at Charles Schwab, OneAmerica and FolioFN. His past 10 years have been focused primarily on helping RIA's and IBD's achieve their goals through his tested client relationship, technology, product and regulatory experience. Drew has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Richard Stockton College. He takes pride in being instrumental in helping firms and their teams grow through his commitment to employee and client development and consultative execution of practice management strategies for institutional partners.

Melissa Wieder, Director of Institutional Services, Marketing

Melissa Wieder CFP® is Director of Institutional Services at Provident Capital Management Inc. (PCM) where she is responsible for cultivating and managing relationships with institutional clients. She has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and writes a bi-weekly market update, PCM Quant Coalescence, for institutional and retail clients. Melissa spent a portion of her career at Charles Schwab, where she was Director of Options & Futures Trading. She has traveled throughout the U.S. and London as a partner in a company that educates clients on how to trade the currency markets. Melissa graduated Cum Laude from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. She achieved her CFP® designation in nine months, which is typically a three-year program, and has continued her education in wealth management, taxes and finance. With over 20 years of experience in financial services and wealth management, Melissa is committed to serving clients who understand the philosophy and importance of an absolute-return approach to successful wealth protection and accumulation.

Rachna Rao, Director of Information Technology

Rachna Rao is Director of Information Technology at Provident Capital Management. She has a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and holds a degree in Information Technology from National Instutional of Information Technology from New Delhi India. Rachna, is a results-driven senior manager with demonstrated success in the design, development and deployment of large-scale enterprise applications for the financial industry with over 8 years of experience designing software for large multi-national financial organizations and banking institutions. Rachna is a leader with proven ability to train and motivate high performance teams. At PCM she works extensively with vendors, directors and project managers, domestic and abroad, to deliver high-quality content for PCM's internet and Intranet presence and deliver on-time projects for the benefit of PCM's clientèle.

Emily J. Keeley Senior Operations Specialist

Emily J. Keeley is the Senior Operations Specialist at Provident Capital Management Inc. (PCM). She is responsible for assisting our team and clients in all aspects of business operations. She is instrumental in providing excellent client service to our clients and partners, as well as acting as liaison between PCM and our custodians and trading venues. Emily has held various administrative, project management and support roles, while also being responsible for enhancing client experiences. Her previous roles, successfully supporting senior leadership and their organizational goals, will be critical as PCM continues to grow and expand their business. With more than 16 years of experience in the client relations field, Emily is committed to creating lasting and dependable relationships with all PCM clients.

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